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Sushi Village 2

Friends, do not be deterred by its location in a newly revitalized but slightly dingy strip mall. Sushi Village 2 is the real deal.

Look for this sign, in the back of Crestwood festival across from the Edge movie theater and behind the ever-classy Bargain Hunt (we once bought a tandem bike there, don’t ask):


For the last year since it opened, Sushi Village 2 has been our go to weeknight place. Their sushi and kitchen appetizers and entrees are consistently good, and really cheap. What makes this place really great is the people who run it-when it first got popular, they seemed genuinely thrilled (and quite frankly a little surprised) at their success. They are exceptionally warm and friendly, and a little quirky, as evidenced by the t-shirt they all wear and also sell at the register. I double checked, because I wondered, but they are definitely in on the joke:


Several months ago, they began offering a lunch special. For awhile it was just weekdays, then weekdays plus Saturdays. Now, it is EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK, including Saturdays and Sundays. This is quite possibly one of the best lunch deals in town.

Here’s the menu:


Today, we started with a bowl of miso soup. They have fantastic miso, with just the right amount of tofu, seaweed, scallions, and swirly cloudiness:


Then came the complimentary salad with a tangy ginger dressing: